Choosing the right degree for you

With many universities and degree subjects out there, it can be tricky knowing where to begin. Get some tips from our staff who have supported with university applications, and hear how one of our current students went about making the decision to study.

Preparing to succeed at university

Going to university is an exciting and rewarding experience. We want to help you achieve your goals, so come along to this webinar with our student coach and a current student to find out how you can prepare yourself to succeed at university.

The importance of digital skills in an ever-evolving working world

As part of our Digital Business Week, we’ve put together an expert panel of senior academics to give you an overview of our brand new postgraduate, digital-first courses here at Arden University.

Where can a degree in Criminology take you?

Join our Criminology Programme Team Leader, Dr. Kimberley Marsh, and Criminology and Social Science Lecturer, Mark Bushell, as they discuss the places that a degree in Criminology can take you.

Where can a degree in Computing take you?

Explore the evolving trends shaping the world of computing in today's ever-increasing digital landscape, and join our Head of School of Computing, Mohammed Rehman, as he talks about where a degree in Computing can take you.

Where can a degree in Healthcare Management take you?

Are you looking to take your first step into the health and social sector, or do you work in the industry and want to progress to a management role? Find out what you can do with a degree in Healthcare Management from our Head of School of Healthcare Management, Stephanie West.

Where can a degree in Law take you?

Our law courses will enable you to learn key pillars of legal knowledge and the fundamentals of English Law and the legal system. Join our Deputy Head of the Law School, Harriet Jones, as she discusses the places that a degree in Law can take you.

Where can a degree in Social Sciences take you?

A degree in Social Sciences will allow you to dive deep into sociology, criminology, psychology and law together – securing you a successful career in whichever sector fits you best. Join our course leaders as they discuss the opportunities a degree in the Social Sciences can bring.

Where can a degree in Psychology take you?

If you’re inquisitive by nature and would like to develop a scientific understanding of the mind, behaviour and experience of people, join our Psychology Programme Team Leaders Dr. Matthew Hall and Dr. Sophie Ward as they discuss where a degree in Psychology can take you.

Where can a degree in Business take you?

Do you want to develop your management, business, planning and communication skills? Find out what you can do with a Business degree from our Business Programme Team Leader, Dr. Alison Watson.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

The complexity and rise of data in healthcare means that artificial intelligence (AI) will increasingly be applied within the field. Join the Head of GE Healthcare’s EdisonTM Accelerator, Jan Beger, as he discusses the adoption curve of AI in healthcare.

Where can a degree in Graphic Design take you?

Whether you’re interested in a digital design degree, a marketing career or even a future in illustration, our graphic design course is a great way to get your foot in the door. Join Graphic Design Programme Leader, Cavell Ord-Shrimpton, to discover where a degree in Graphic Design can lead you.

Becoming an entrepreneur in the healthcare sector

Would you like to find out how to start your own business in the healthcare sector? Join Liz Ashall as she discusses her journey from NHS Speech and Language therapist to becoming the founder and CEO of ORCHA, the world’s leading provider of digital health accreditations and distribution services.

SEN and Disability Support at Arden University

Do you have a disability, mental health condition or long-term health condition? Hear from Online & Blended Learning Student Support staff and SEN Student Representatives to find out what types of support you can access with Arden University, from application to graduation.

Mental Health Awareness Week: Ways to wellbeing through nature

Watch this webinar where we discuss topics such as ecotherapy, the benefits of having a pet, gardening, and zen gardens with our Psychology lecturer Lucy Anacleto.

Insights into Type Design, Typography and Calligraphy

Interested in or currently studying Graphic Design? Join one of our guest speaker webinars where we take a more detailed look at a specific topic or career area within the discipline of Graphic Design.

Becoming a lawyer

Do you want to study law, or have already started your LLB, but want to know what you need to do to start your career? Hear from our Deputy Head of School of Law, Harriet Jones, and find out everything you need know about becoming a lawyer.

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